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About our Practice?

In 2013, Lindsay opened the practice as a sole clinician providing speech-language therapy to children ages birth-12 years old. Over the years, Lindsay has developed her practice into a highly regarded, multi-disciplinary practice in Connecticut, offering services in speech-language, behavioral and occupational therapies as well as special education. As a practice, we pride ourselves in providing high-quality, client centered care to all of our families.


We offer a variety of multidisciplinary services which makes it easy for your child to be seen by
multiple providers here at our practice.

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Our Treatment Approach

Lindsay Scott SLP & Co is dedicated to providing high-quality, client and family centered, evidenced-based therapy to children ages birth-18.

After your child has participated in a comprehensive evaluation, your child’s therapist will develop an individualized treatment plan. We prioritize establishing a therapeutic bond in the initial phase of treatment to ensure your child enjoys their “play” time with us. As a practice, our clinicians follow evidenced-based therapeutic approaches and monitor progress of goals and objectives closely through data collection.  We value collaborating with each member of your child’s team. Parent and caregiver training as well as collaborating with other disciplines (e.g., caregivers, school team members, outside providers, etc) supports generalization of skills across settings.